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Biosint Carnitines are the outcome of 40 years of research by the sigma-tau Group on the role played by carnitine in cellular metabolism.Biosint Carnitines

were used in more than 1200 clinical trials, in which our product was administered to thousands of people in absolute safety.Biosint Carnitines

are manufactured through patented chemical processes that guarantee the highest levels of efficacy, safety and quality, as proven by the great number of international certifications earned.PHARMACEUTICAL BIOSINT CARNITINES TM


In compliance with the strict quality requirements imposed by international regulations, thanks to the expertise and know-how obtained in more than three decades working as specialised operator in the field, Biosint can develop and manufacture pharmacologically active raw ingredients like Magnesium Dipropylacetate, Clomipramine Chlorhydrate and Cocarboxylase Tetrahydrate, currently available in our product range.Leveraging on its production capabilities and flexibility, Biosint can offer customised solutions for manufacturing for third parties. We have recently set up a new department, which has received AIFA clearance as Pharmaceutical Laboratory, dedicated to the bulk production of freeze-dried lactic ferments, separately or in mixes.These microorganisms with recognised probiotic properties are an indispensable aid for physical wellness whenever the body needs food supplements, especially in order to recover gastrointestinal functions and rebalance intestinal flora.

Thanks to the investments we have made, we can now develop and manufacture, with pharmaceutical-level technologies and quality standards, a broad range of ferments for all sorts of markets.