Code of Ethics and Model 231

The Code of Ethics clearly defines the rules of behaviour and the ethical principles which must be adhered to by all employees, consultants, suppliers, clients and, generally speaking, shareholders.

This document is an integral part of the Organisational, Managerial and Control Model (henceforth Model) adopted by Biosint SpA in accordance with the Italian regulations contained in Legislative Decree no. 231 dated 8 June, 2001 (henceforth Legislative Decree 231/2001).

This decree, also known as “Administrative Liability of Entities deriving from Offences”, has introduced into Italian Penal Code for the first time the direct responsibility of legal entities (in particular, corporations) and associations without legal personality, in relation to certain crimes committed or attempted by representatives, managers and employees of the company in the interest or for benefit of the same.

Aiming to prevent the offences mentioned in the regulation from being committed, the Biosint SpA has adopted the Model on the basis of the rules established in the Decree and propose the Confindustria Guidelines.

Afterwards it is possible to visualise and also to download the Code of Ethics of Biosint SpA.