About us

Specialist in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients

Our manufacturing activities are carried out in two adjacent establishments located in the industrial district of Sermoneta (LT), with a total area of about 130,000 m² , of which 18,000 m² is indoor.

We have a sector dedicated to the production of raw pharmaceutical materials, another one to the production of lactic ferments and active nutraceutical ingredients, with fully dedicated and autonomous production lines and departments. We have also recently launched a new department, authorized by AIFA (the Italian drug authority), where we have already completed tests for the industrial implementation of a new process that will enable the manufacturing of lactic ferments, as pharmaceutical-grade raw materials and bulk mixes.

At our establishments, apart from routine concentration, crystallization, centrifugation, drying, freeze-drying, mixing and packaging operations, we also carry out activities you would not typically find in other similar establishments, like experimentation of  ion-exchange resins (including in liquid phase) and electrodialysis systems, also as pilot systems.